I'm pleased to announce the addition of the Alicorn Blog to Alicorn.io!! For a while now, we've been in sore need of a blog. The good 'ol Mechakana Blog is all fine and dandy, but it's ugly and outdated. Not to mention powered by age-old Wordpress themes shudder. After having grown accustomed to the glory of Mark Down and custom HTML, writing posts back on The Mechakana Blog just hasn't felt the same.

So, for a quick rundown of the features on this blog compared to The Mechakana Blog:

  • Disqus for comments. This is actually a pretty big upgrade over the system used on the old blog, and it should be interesting to see how it pans out.

  • 100% static content. I'm not the best at doing network profiling, but I'm going to guess static content is going to see a huge page load performance increase over the PHP-ridden Wordpress server.

  • It's way prettier. At least, I hope it's way prettier. You tell me.

  • There's no search functionality yet; it turns out search tools for static sites are kind of funky in how you implement them.

  • I can write these posts in my IDE. I'm writing this post from my IDE right now. It's great:

Plus, I mean, there's no denying my new online portfolio is just complete #swag compared to what it was back at Mechakana.com, right?