With Alicorn Version 0.7 right around the corner, I felt it was important to start writing some updates on this blog - even if we don't have any big users yet.

Version 0.7 will be the first candidate for our 1.0 release and, if we're lucky, it'll also be the last. With it comes many, many significant changes that turn the Alicorn architecture on its head and really give it the performance it needs to be a proper control system for the modern competition roboticist.

As you may have noticed, the downloads page has been modified to only serve up binaries for the FIRST Tech Challenge program. This is so that we can focus on maintaining a single release of Alicorn while we simultaneously work to finalize the licensing models for the platform and flesh out the final details of the 1.0-ready API.

Fear not, though; the other platforms will return when we release 0.7! If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to hit me up at brandon@alicorn.io.