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From robots to blockchains, we're experts in making complex systems accessible.

Let's Make Coding Easy

Our Story

In 2016, we built a platform called Alicorn to solve a problem: The fact that it took deep expertise and hundreds of lines of code to make an educational robot move in response to joystick feedback.

Partnering with Google and FIRST Robotics, we deployed Alicorn to classrooms worldwide. Our users experienced 30x increases in productivity: They were able to make working apps for their robots in 20 minutes, compared to the 12+ hours it took without Alicorn. Our early innovations with Alicorn were incorporated into Google's Blockly and MIT's App Inventor, and are now used in STEM programs worldwide.

But we weren't done: We wanted to bring Alicorn's ease-of-use to the workplace. To do this, we needed a new kind of tech that could seamlessly connect the distributed apps that are common in commercial systems. This need led to the creation of our patented Metablockchain, which seamlessly connects distributed systems together, while supporting millions of messages per second—all without cryptocurrencies or tokens.

After years of R&D and testing the Metablockchain, we're now preparing to exit stealth mode, giving coders everywhere an accessible, open-source platform for building any kind of distributed app—from cloud services and web apps, to smartphones and robots.

Brandon Sanders

Founder and CEO

Brandon is the creator of the original Alicorn app and the Metablockchain. Before launching Alicorn full-time, they architected billion-dollar enterprise software systems for data streaming and AI, worked as a robotics research fellow, and competed as a world-champion competition roboticist. They hold bachelor's degrees in systems engineering and professional rhetoric.

Ash Levey


Ash is the co-creator of the Metablockchain, and the person behind our business strategy and outreach. Before joining Alicorn, they served as a consultant for non-profits, founders, and government agencies across the world. They hold a bachelor's degree in professional rhetoric, and a master's degree in the management of information systems.

Our Advisors

Helping us innovate responsibly

We have a team of the best people across the world working with us every day to build Alicorn.

Our advisors, from top-left to bottom-right, include Scott Harris (Co-Founder, Solidworks and Onshape), Mike Audi (CTO, Blustream; Founder and CEO, Tiki), Barb Finer (Founder, Tech SandBox), Tom Medrek (Angel Investor, Launchpad Venture Group), Mark Bugbee (Program Lead, Draper), Bill Noel (Group VP, Product Portfolio & Programs, Blue Yonder), Jennifer deWinter (Director, WPI Interactive Media and Game Development), Curtis Abel (Executive Director, WPI Innovation and Entrepreneurship), and Han Ko (Founder & CEO, USAKO Group)