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For Any Thing

The serverless-anywhere platform for your microservices and robots.

Meet Primal

Primal is a serverless platform that helps you build and run any app or microservice, anywhere—even on robots. It's backed by our patent-pending Metablockchain which keeps your data safe, and your apps fast.

Go serverless, anywhere

Unlike existing serverless platforms, Primal doesn't force you into the cloud: Using our embeddable "primals", your apps can run on any device, anywhere—in the cloud, on your premises, or out in the field.

Because primals aren't bound to one cloud provider, you can quickly build apps that are always available—even when one of the major cloud providers goes offline.

Deploy, with confidence

Primals automatically share, audit, and store data on a Metablockchain you control, eliminating the need for custom databases and lowering the technical burden of SOC-2 and GDPR compliances.

The Metablockchain isn't slow, either: We've combined it with a high performance app runtime that enables even the tiniest primal host, like a Raspberry Pi, to process more than 50,000 events per second.

Build apps, for any thing

Every primal contains its own schema registry, cutting down on excess code and networking headaches. With Primal, you can achieve fault-tolerant communication between your microservices in under 100 lines of code—no extra frameworks or infrastructure needed.

Want to learn more, or use Primal for your next project? Read more about us, and say hi at hello@alicorn.systems!